Smart neuromodulation therapy
for memory restoration


Nia Therapeutics is a team of visionary scientists, engineers and medical device experts dedicated to improving human memory using safe, secure neurotechnology.

  • Dan Rizzuto, PhD
    Founder, CEO
    Dr. Rizzuto developed Nia's core technology at the University of Pennsylvania as part of the DARPA Restoring Active Memory Project.  He completed his doctorate in the neuroscience of human memory at Brandeis University, his postdoctoral training in brain-machine interfaces at Caltech and was named the 2015 Neurotechnology Researcher of the Year.
  • Daniel Utin
    Daniel is an expert in developing secure, scalable, high-volume software systems. Before joining Nia, he worked at MIT Lincoln Lab developing cybersecurity technologies to protect our nation, including R&D 100 award winning LOCKMA. He previously co-founded two software companies, both of which were acquired.
  • Chris Ho
    Principal Software Developer
    Chris is a full-stack software engineer with over 20 years of experience involving user interfaces, communication, databases, security, operations, and regulatory compliance. Before Nia, Chris was the director of technology at MD Connect, a healthcare company focusing on recruiting patients for clinical trials.
  • Mike Kahana, PhD
    Founder & Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board
    Mike is the Edmund and Louise Kahn Term Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. He invented Nia’s core technology and is currently investigating the basic mechanisms underlying the therapy. Mike has published over 180 scientific articles on the topic of human memory and was the recipient of the Trolland Award and the Warren Medal for his discoveries in human memory and neuroscience.